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I lay under the fireworks tonight. They crackle and burst and explode above me; the brilliant color reflects in my brown eyes.

And I wonder.

My Jesus…what if our love were like this?

Like this.

Like a speeding missile, shooting high and far into the world around; always pointing upward to the One who ignites us. This love explodes! It bursts into an array of color and wonder and joy. Its fingers reach out; it touches others. They too, are ignited. They too, explode, and do the same. More color. More wonder. More joy.

And more love.

It’s an array of color. It’s fireworks.

It’s beautiful.

Go make fireworks, my friends. Ignite hearts. Fan the flames of souls. And together we will create a beautiful array of color.



I miss them.

I do.

It hurts.

All those moments.

Those moments I missed.

Because I was busy.


It can become such an ugly word.


What am I doing!?

There are souls that are dying, hearts that are lonely, and people screaming my name. There are eyes that need to shine, hands that need held, and feet that need someone to walk beside. There are relationships that need restored, fears that need fought, and dreams that need to live. They need Jesus. They need a friend. They need encouragement. They need hope. They need inspiration. They need life. They need you. They need me. They need love.

How can I be busy?

My God, by doing so much, do I miss so much?

I do.

Oh, I do.

And I ache over this.

I beg for grace. Grace to be tomorrow, what I have not been today.