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Sometimes I forget to laugh.

It sounds dumb, when I say that.

But it’s true.

I work hard. I am focused. I am determined. I care much and relax little. I want so badly to do the right thing and do the job right.

But I forget to laugh.

The weird thing is, I love to laugh. I do. But sometimes I forget.

I miss it.

And then I remember. And I laugh again. And I know I mustn’t forget.

God loves to hear you laugh. He does. There is a song that sings every day. It’s His music. The galaxies, the rivers, the mountains, the birds, the blossoms, the honeybees, the treetops, the horses, the everything – they are all singing a melody that blends in perfect harmony. It’s beautiful.

And when you laugh?

You add the finishing notes.

And it’s awesome.



Come closer, my friend. Listen! Do you hear it? The grit of rock against rock. Oh, do look! Do you see it? The rays of sunlight in a dark tomb. Oh, feel the breathlessness in your heart! The impossible is before us, and it is possible.

The stone is rolled aside! The entrance stands open!

Disciples stagger, unbelieving. Women crumble, in tears. Roman guards collapse, stunned.

They stood staring at a gapping tomb that day.

We stand before another door today.

Not just one entrance opened that morning. Another did as well. Blood broke the lock. The life of Jesus served as the key to the throne room of God. The door to that room was big. Oak, perhaps. Solid, oak. Massive. Strong. Burly. Enormous. Unmoving. It was big, my friend.

But Jesus…

Jesus is bigger.

That door? It stands open now. Wide open.

Jesus opened the door between a perfect, holy God…and you. Me. Unworthy meets worthy. Imperfection meets perfection. Ugliness meets beauty.

Jesus life opened that door. His blood stains the wood. His scent whiffs in the entrance.

GOD, yes, GOD wants you. And the door is open. The lock turned. The stone pushed aside. An open pathway lies between you and GOD.

GOD.  Abba Father.


Jesus was the key and the door is open.

Do you get this?

The door to the throne room – the very presence of God – stands open. Waiting. Beckoning.


Do come.

Please come, my friend.

Step through the door, under the blood of the Lamb.

The stone is rolled away.

The door is open.


Come, my friend.