“Come closer,”

My heart thuds. How had He known I stood here?


My pulse quickens. I look away. Perhaps He spoke to someone else.


No! He knew my name! How?

I shrink away into the dark shadows. The light of His presence scares me.


There it was again. He knew my name. How? I had no idea.

“I…I…” I am ashamed. My voice is painfully soft. “I am…am here.”

“I know. Come. Please.”

I inch closer. My toes nearly reach the edge of the gentle glow. I want the light. I do. But I don’t. It scares me.


His voice is gentle.

“I want you.”

My cheeks are warm. He wants me?

“Please come.”

My palms are sweaty. My heart races. I step forward. I step into the circle of light.

“Come. Come closer.”

My head is bowed. How much closer will He beckon me? I inch nearer. I am standing before the large, oak desk. My nose twitches. I smell wet ink. Fresh paper. My reserve slides. The familiar rustle of manuscript and scratch of pen invites me.

His enormous hand holds a golden pen.

I look up in surprise. I raise my eyes for the first time. “Why…You write!”

He smiles. His eyes twinkle. “Yes I do.”

“Who are You?”

 He sets His pen aside. “Who do you think I am?”

 I look away. “I can’t begin to say.  Please. Tell me. Who are You?”

 “I am the Great Author, Rebecca. I invented the idea.”

“What idea?”


My cheeks flush. I feel foolish. I ask another question. “How did You know my name?”

His eyes grow soft. He leans forward. “Rebecca. Don’t you know?”


“Rebecca, I wrote your story.”

  1. Linda says:

    Rebecca, This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for letting God flow through you!

  2. Love this. I can see this is kinda a girl’s site, but I love to write, too. And I love God. Because of your love for writing and God I’ll just have to check in from time to time, I just hope none of this pink rubs off on me. lol! Great thought, and great words, Rebecca.

  3. Great writing! Tight and clean use of words.

  4. Corey Blankenship says:

    Great writing. I’m impressed when people like you can reveal the value of the Word and His love in so few words.

  5. Beautiful writing. You make me feel so much in so few words…

  6. Mom :) says:

    I love it! You have a way of making me visualize what you are saying…that is most necessary for me, you know! 😉 Beautiful….and refreshing!

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