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“According as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” – Ephesians 1:4 NKJV

God spoke and this world came to be. That in itself is amazing. But get this. God chose you before He even laid the foundations of the world. He stands, looking ahead to the concept of creation yet His mind is on something else. It’s on you. Look inside His heart and find yourself there.

God. Thought. Of. You.

This is truth.

Let it set you free.


Be That Friend.

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

“It’s so sad, Rebecca…” My coworker wiped down another plastic tray. “It’ just horrible.” She shook her blond curls.

I too, shook my head. Funerals were not fun. An understatement, obviously. Feelings of gloom seem to rest on her shoulders. It was a difficult death; with it would be a difficult funeral.

What could I say?

I reach toward her. “Hey…it’s okay to cry.”

She nods. “I know. That’s all I’ll be doing at the funeral tonight.”

I smiled softly. “Don’t wear too much eyeliner, okay?”

We both laugh.

The day is better.

We need those friends, don’t we? The ones that tell us there’s a brown smudge on the butt of our pants. Or a forgotten curler in our hair. Or a booger hanging from our nose. The ones that give us a hug despite our sweat and make brownies when we’re sad. The ones that tell us not to freak out over burnt water or stinkbugs or weak coffee…the ones that tell us not to wear too much eyeliner at the funeral. The ones that see us at our worst and love us as if at our best.

Be that friend.

And you will have those friends.


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Continue to be blessed.

And be inspired.

One Hour

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized


My head turns the other way. I pull the covers higher, burrow into the soft mattress.


Fog lingers at the corners of my brain. I want nothing more than more. More sleep. My eyes close.


My entire body resists; relaxed in sleepy state yet equally rigid with stubborn will. I’ve worked hard. I need this hour. My thoughts melt together into sleepy substance.


The voice is louder this time. Urgent. I crack one eyelid open.

“Please. Won’t you spend but an hour with Me?”

My body balks, my heart softens.

One hour?

My Lord has given me life. Has conquered death, has poured out joy. Has cleaned my heart and holds it in His hands. He has sprinkled stars against the sky and shaped the moon with His fingers. He has put a song in my soul and a dream before my eyes. He has provided, protected, and pursued. Convicted, encouraged, and lead. Listened, spoke, directed. Has loved me with an infinite love.

One hour?

But one hour?

I push against the mattress. Hurl the pillow aside. The brisk air tickles my nose. I push mangled curls from my face.

“I am here, Lord. Please. May an hour be but the beginning…”




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“If you want to feel deeply, you have to think deeply. Too often we separate the two. We assume that if we want to feel deeply, then we need to sit around and, well, feel. But emotion built on emotion is empty. True emotion- emotion that is reliable and does not lead us astray- is always a response to reality, to truth.”
Joshua Harris




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They grab me.


Blue. Like the ocean.

Brown. Like chocolate.

Green. Like gems.

Black. Like coal.


Eyes. They demand my attention.


Blue. Cold and hurting.

Brown. Painful and lonely.

Green. Abandoned and betrayed.

Black. Bitter and hate.


Eyes. They beg my heed.


Blue. Looking and wanting.

Brown. Trying and hurting.

Green. Seeking and disappointed.

Black. Striking and failing.


Eyes. They tear my heart.


Blue. Begging to be loved.

Brown. Pleading to be accepted.

Green. Whimpering for healing.

Black. Demanding respect.



Doors to oceans.


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“Don’t pray that God would teach you how to love like He loves; pray that He would fill you with Himself and that He would love in and through you. Don’t pray that He would teach you to have joy; pray that the living God full of joy would enter into you. Don’t pray that He would teach you how to be peaceful; ask for the God of peace, the Prince of peace to infill you. Because if you try to imitate in your own strength, you will be a miserable replica. But if you allow the impartation of Jesus Christ to overtake you, suddenly it all works because it is Him imitating Himself, and He is very good at being God.”

Eric Ludy