1 John 4:19 (pool of love)

Posted: October 30, 2012 in God, Love
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1 John 4:19
We love because he first loved us.

Love loved us…

…and we love because Love loved us.

I cannot get over this. Love and God cannot be separated because God is love and love is God. And when we love others…it’s like we give them a piece of God. If your relationship with God suffers, your ability to love with the pure love of God, suffers as well. I have found that the days it is hardest to love are often the days with little or no quality God time. You must first sit in the pool of love and soak it up, before  you can squeeze it into the lives of others. Soak up Love today. And wring it out into the hearts of many.

  1. 22tears says:

    Wow, Rebecca, Thank You so much for this! I have been struggling a lot with the issue of love lately… Mostly not feeling loved by others, and I came home after a long two days to read your post. It really encouraged and convicted me. Because I reap what I sow. If I am not feeling truly loved, perhaps I am not loving fully myself. And since God IS love, this is directly linked to my relationship with Him. Thank you so much for laying that out so wisely for me to see. It really helped me.

    Love from your sister in Christ,


  2. This hit me a year or so ago, that saying God is love is like drawing an equal sign between the two. It has a lot of powerful implications, as you said.

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