I rock. Forward. Back. Forward. Back. My hands rest gently on the swing. I sniff. I want to be alone. Just want to be alone. To be comforted. To just sit. Sit in my Lord’s presence.

“I’m hurting, Lord.”


A tear rolls down my cheek. A curl softly brushes along my chin.


I’ve done this before. I tried to do it myself. To make it on my own. I fall. I hurt. I’m in pain. I need Jesus. Need the healing of His presence. His touch. His life.

The soft breeze picks up. My skirt flaps around my legs. I shiver.

I lift my wet eyes to the sky. “I’m cold, Lord.” I brush the brown locks from my face.

The wind stills. The sun beams.

I’m warm.

I smile. “I’m warm, Lord.”


He cares.

God cares.

Talk to Him, my friend.

God. Cares.

  1. Linda says:

    Finally I took a moment to be blessed by your writing. Thanks for sharing it with me! You are gifted. And I am glad you have a way to express and find comfort for the pain that life entails. Love you.

  2. NanaDoll says:

    yes He truly does care!

  3. MamaK says:

    Beautiful, Becca! Your heart on paper is precious…I love the way that I can see what you are saying…I love the way you reach for Him in your need and in your plenty!

  4. Darren Matadeen says:

    God is always there for us… Never think of pain. Just think of the joy that we are living. Have faith in God and eventually Belief happens.

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