Sign Here, My Friend

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Do Hard Things, Faith, God, Jesus, Love
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“Would you die for Jesus Christ? Sign right here.”


Sign it. Right here.

The words drive through my chest like a steel stake.

When time closes in. When death lingers before you. When the punch hits. When it hurts. Pain. Extreme pain. Persecution. Loneliness. Fear. Death.


For Jesus.

Would you die for Jesus?

Sign right here, my friend.

Name on paper. Fresh ink. It becomes more than a mere comment, and rather, a firm commitment.

Would you die for Christ?

Think hard about it.

You will live with your decision. Literally.


Think hard.

A pen lies near each of our hands. Only you can sign for you.

  1. I hadn’t been in the land of pink for a while, so I stopped in to see what God has you writing. I still like it a lot. Keep up the good work, composer-of-words.

  2. 22tears says:

    Yes I would. To borrow the words of Rachel Scott, “He gave his life that I might live so I will give my life for Him.” And she really was faced with this question! Her killers knew her to be a devout Christian, and yet they gave her a last chance to deny her faith and live… “Do you believe in God?” “You know I do.” This ultimatum is what God used to draw me into His heart and at the same time, send His Spirit to dwell in mine… Christ is my life… my dream is to live and die for my beautiful Savior. Before last February… I would not have had the courage, faith or assurance of salvation to die for Him. But oh what a gracious God we have! Yes. Yes it would be my honor to die for Jesus Christ – and I do hope I come into His Heaven singing for joy because I was given the blessed opportunity to do so. Life is short when compared to eternity – so short we cannot even comprehend! Heaven is vast and wonderful… God is good… Jesus died that I would be given grace. Praise Him.

  3. Katrina Wenger says:

    Would I sign? When we each stop and really think about that question it puts our faith on whole new level. Do we believe in Christ enough to die for Him? It would be easy to sign here in America because Christians aren’t killed for their faith…but if we stop and think bigger than just the here and now that question takes on a new kind of seriousness. And with that comes the next question…will we be challenged or changed by this? Thanks for posting!

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