“The Me Zone”

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Live Life Now
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Comfort zone.

We’ve all heard that one, haven’t we?

That little bubble of things that are comfortable and safe and familiar to us.

Perhaps it’s not a comfort zone. Perhaps it’s a “Me Zone.”

Think about it.

What makes us uncomfortable?

The things that make me look bad. What makes me feel scared. What is inconvenient for me. Something new for me. It makes me tired, it makes me uneasy, and it hurts for me.

It’s a “Me Zone.” Forget comfort zone. That’s a gutless way of saying, “I’m scared, me doesn’t want to deal with that.”

It’s selfish.

Do we really help people when we’re comfortable? Are we really radical when we’re comfortable? Do we do big things for God, for others, when we are comfortable?

Where in the Bible does Christ command us to be comfortable, anyway?

He doesn’t.

Because it isn’t about me. It’s about Him and them.

It’s not about us.

Break that Me Zone. Second thought, totally destroy it. Do something different. Talk to someone new. Change a life and in the process, change your life.

Go. Do it.

Be radical. Do hard things. Think big.

We were made to do great things. Sometimes that means big things. Sometimes that means little things in a big way.

Either way, go all out. Break the Me Zone. And go big.

  1. Exploring your site, meandering around in your halls, wondering what I might find? Yup, think I’m gonna do it. This one kinda seals it for me. I’ll have you linked on my site very soon. Keep being God’s composer of words. 🙂

  2. I’ve never thought of it this way, but you are sooo right!

  3. I like this. Go. Do it. … Nice Blog. Thanks

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