Live. Now.

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Live Life Now
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I struggle with that word. I don’t want now. I want then. I don’t want today. I want tomorrow. I don’t want the present. I want the future.

It’s excruciating to sit in the mellow of today when I want to run with the adventure of tomorrow. I hate it. Why this? Why mediocre when I want extreme? Why drag when I want exciting?


It doesn’t have to be.


Ok. So maybe the weekends. Yeah, maybe I see it there. Maybe a little thrill. Adrenaline. Something exciting happens.

But then it’s gone.

And I’m here.

I’m now.


Why not now?

Why can’t every moment be our best? Why can’t every moment contain thrill, love, delight, beauty, laughter, joy, adventure, memories, hugs, and drama? Why can’t this moment be the moment? Why not now?

GOD is in the now.

Now is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Now is the moment to live to the hilt. To love so hard it hurts. To laugh and never stop. To find delight in the smallest moment, and awe in the biggest one. Here, people! Right here!

God is in the now.

God is here.

God wants us. Now. Today. Here.

Do you see it?

I do.

I cry inside. Misery over the moments I’ve missed.  Elation over the many to come.


Come, my friend.

Bask in this moment. This moment where God is. This moment of now.


I want to hear from you. Seriously. I mean that.

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