One Hour

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized


My head turns the other way. I pull the covers higher, burrow into the soft mattress.


Fog lingers at the corners of my brain. I want nothing more than more. More sleep. My eyes close.


My entire body resists; relaxed in sleepy state yet equally rigid with stubborn will. I’ve worked hard. I need this hour. My thoughts melt together into sleepy substance.


The voice is louder this time. Urgent. I crack one eyelid open.

“Please. Won’t you spend but an hour with Me?”

My body balks, my heart softens.

One hour?

My Lord has given me life. Has conquered death, has poured out joy. Has cleaned my heart and holds it in His hands. He has sprinkled stars against the sky and shaped the moon with His fingers. He has put a song in my soul and a dream before my eyes. He has provided, protected, and pursued. Convicted, encouraged, and lead. Listened, spoke, directed. Has loved me with an infinite love.

One hour?

But one hour?

I push against the mattress. Hurl the pillow aside. The brisk air tickles my nose. I push mangled curls from my face.

“I am here, Lord. Please. May an hour be but the beginning…”




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