Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

We are a cold people.

We are.

A drunk staggers down the alley. He is alone. A girl touches the swelling bruise on her face. She is alone. A boy cuts himself in the dark. He is alone. An old man dies in a cold bed. He is alone. A girl holds her pregnant belly. She is alone. A child cries in the basement. He is alone. A man wipes blood from his knife. He is alone. A teenager reaches for drugs. He is alone. A mother weeps in an empty house. She is alone. A girl’s fingers clasp the cold gunmetal. She is alone.

They are alone.


Does that do something to you?

It should.

Isn’t something wrong if we’re not burdened by this? Have we really known the heart of God until we’ve wept over broken lives, fought for dying souls, and pounded on the doors that conceal? Until we’ve fallen on our knees in intercession, cried for the broken, scooped up the jagged pieces. Until we’ve given ourselves for another, fought until our last strength, and run our hardest. Until we’ve prayed until our knees are raw, given to our last drop, and mourned for those who don’t know. Until we’ve run into the praying field, until we’ve reached into the dark, until we bring them into the light.


People. Are. Alone.

They are yearning desperately for love.


People. Are. Yearning for God.

We must know God’s heart; feel His beat, and the passion of His blood. That through our lives, they would see God. That they would believe. That they too, would claim Jesus Christ as their Lord.

And no longer be alone.

  1. Mom :) says:

    Becca…the caring heart of God shines through you….never stop caring and being a light for Him….keep writing! I love you!

  2. Katrina Wenger says:

    Becca! I LOVE that! It totally hits the spot for some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about…thanks for sharing that with us!

  3. Rebecca Rose says:

    Mmm. When I really think about it, it’s like, wake up, Becca-girl! It’s like the lyrics in Casting Crown’s song, “Jesus paid much too high a price, for us to pick and choose who should come, for we are the Body of Christ…”

  4. Angela says:

    So true… how did we as ‘Christians’ become so hard-hearted? Why do we allow ourselves to be just like those who saw the saw the guy lying there hurt and in pain, in the Good Samaritan passage, and just walk by? We may see it but we turn away and act like it didn’t really happen… May we allow Jesus to work through us in reaching others! Love your heart, Becs!

  5. Rebecca Rose says:

    It’s been so heavy on my heart…it had to spill over onto a page…

  6. jalisfox says:

    so good & very true. we need to hear this!

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