Click. Click. Click.

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Click. Click. Click.

“Stop it, Becca.”

“Mmm?” I stare at the screen.

Click. Click. Click.



“Stop it.”


He shakes his head. “You’re annoying me.”


“You know why.” He grins.

I smile. I love the sound of fingers tapping against computer keys.

Click. Click. Click.

  1. Rebecca Rose says:

    Haha for real. When someone ELSE is doing it lol jk =) Heyy, your a blogger as well?

  2. Erica says:

    Sounds familiar! Constant scrolling on the mouse get annoying to! (If someone else is doing it)

  3. Rebecca Rose says:

    Aye tis a mystery, lassie 😉

  4. Rebecca Rose says:

    LOL very “becca-ish” indeed =P You poor girl, kitty. You have the honors (er, fate) of living with this wacky person lol 😉

  5. Katrina Wenger says:

    hahah that sounded very Becca-ish…not sure where you came up with that one girly:) Keep the post coming!:)

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