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I miss them.

I do.

It hurts.

All those moments.

Those moments I missed.

Because I was busy.


It can become such an ugly word.


What am I doing!?

There are souls that are dying, hearts that are lonely, and people screaming my name. There are eyes that need to shine, hands that need held, and feet that need someone to walk beside. There are relationships that need restored, fears that need fought, and dreams that need to live. They need Jesus. They need a friend. They need encouragement. They need hope. They need inspiration. They need life. They need you. They need me. They need love.

How can I be busy?

My God, by doing so much, do I miss so much?

I do.

Oh, I do.

And I ache over this.

I beg for grace. Grace to be tomorrow, what I have not been today.


We hate this feeling.

It stands between us and our dreams. Our missions. Our goals. Our purposes. Our destinies.  

You know that feeling.

We all do.


Time freezes. Your heart stops. Then starts. And beats at insane speeds. Your palms grow sweaty. Your ears ring. Reality and fact retreat, anxiety controls. Fear grows, spreads, and holds you in the clutches of its steel fist.

It’s do or die.

Just do it!

The scariest moment is the one right before you start.

So just do it.

And watch fear as it spins into adrenaline. Adrenaline twists into energy. Energy generates excitement. And excitement grows into enthusiasm. You will find yourself doing what you always dreamed of.

Just do it.

Comfort zone.

We’ve all heard that one, haven’t we?

That little bubble of things that are comfortable and safe and familiar to us.

Perhaps it’s not a comfort zone. Perhaps it’s a “Me Zone.”

Think about it.

What makes us uncomfortable?

The things that make me look bad. What makes me feel scared. What is inconvenient for me. Something new for me. It makes me tired, it makes me uneasy, and it hurts for me.

It’s a “Me Zone.” Forget comfort zone. That’s a gutless way of saying, “I’m scared, me doesn’t want to deal with that.”

It’s selfish.

Do we really help people when we’re comfortable? Are we really radical when we’re comfortable? Do we do big things for God, for others, when we are comfortable?

Where in the Bible does Christ command us to be comfortable, anyway?

He doesn’t.

Because it isn’t about me. It’s about Him and them.

It’s not about us.

Break that Me Zone. Second thought, totally destroy it. Do something different. Talk to someone new. Change a life and in the process, change your life.

Go. Do it.

Be radical. Do hard things. Think big.

We were made to do great things. Sometimes that means big things. Sometimes that means little things in a big way.

Either way, go all out. Break the Me Zone. And go big.

Start Here.

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Start here.

Not tomorrow. Not ten days from now. Not next year.

Start here.

Get up earlier. Laugh harder. Try something new. Grin wider. Say hi to every sales clerk. Eat ice cream. Do something daring. Take pictures. Drink coffee. Hold hands longer.  Go for a walk. Read one hundred books. Dance in the rain. Buy flowers for someone. Watch the sunrise. And the sunset. Keep a journal. Hold a child on your lap. Put a puzzle together. Sing in the store. Play with bubbles. Lay under the stars. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Snuggle into a big sweatshirt. Learn a new skill. Bake cookies. Wear crazy socks. Make a new friend. Hang out with the old ones. Cry during a movie. Wear silly bands. Give more than you get. Always be the first to love and the last to hate.

Start here.

Live now.


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“Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.”

Live. Now.

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I struggle with that word. I don’t want now. I want then. I don’t want today. I want tomorrow. I don’t want the present. I want the future.

It’s excruciating to sit in the mellow of today when I want to run with the adventure of tomorrow. I hate it. Why this? Why mediocre when I want extreme? Why drag when I want exciting?


It doesn’t have to be.


Ok. So maybe the weekends. Yeah, maybe I see it there. Maybe a little thrill. Adrenaline. Something exciting happens.

But then it’s gone.

And I’m here.

I’m now.


Why not now?

Why can’t every moment be our best? Why can’t every moment contain thrill, love, delight, beauty, laughter, joy, adventure, memories, hugs, and drama? Why can’t this moment be the moment? Why not now?

GOD is in the now.

Now is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Now is the moment to live to the hilt. To love so hard it hurts. To laugh and never stop. To find delight in the smallest moment, and awe in the biggest one. Here, people! Right here!

God is in the now.

God is here.

God wants us. Now. Today. Here.

Do you see it?

I do.

I cry inside. Misery over the moments I’ve missed.  Elation over the many to come.


Come, my friend.

Bask in this moment. This moment where God is. This moment of now.

One Hour

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My head turns the other way. I pull the covers higher, burrow into the soft mattress.


Fog lingers at the corners of my brain. I want nothing more than more. More sleep. My eyes close.


My entire body resists; relaxed in sleepy state yet equally rigid with stubborn will. I’ve worked hard. I need this hour. My thoughts melt together into sleepy substance.


The voice is louder this time. Urgent. I crack one eyelid open.

“Please. Won’t you spend but an hour with Me?”

My body balks, my heart softens.

One hour?

My Lord has given me life. Has conquered death, has poured out joy. Has cleaned my heart and holds it in His hands. He has sprinkled stars against the sky and shaped the moon with His fingers. He has put a song in my soul and a dream before my eyes. He has provided, protected, and pursued. Convicted, encouraged, and lead. Listened, spoke, directed. Has loved me with an infinite love.

One hour?

But one hour?

I push against the mattress. Hurl the pillow aside. The brisk air tickles my nose. I push mangled curls from my face.

“I am here, Lord. Please. May an hour be but the beginning…”