God is a Writer

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

God is a Writer.

I love that.

It’s like we have a shared interest. Something He created and I love. Something He mastered and I only now discovered.


They’re beautiful.


They tell so much.


They speak, they rebuke, they exhort, they warn.


God uses them too.

God’s Words.

Written on a paper. Bound in book fashion. Feel the paper. Smell the ink.

God is a Writer, too.

  1. Rebecca Rose says:

    Hey Amy-gal! Long time no gab 😉 We gotta talk again sometime 😉

  2. Amy Weaver says:

    Hey Becca,
    Loved your thots!!
    God wanted to express Himself and He used words.
    He called Himself “the Word”.
    Love it!!

  3. Aww…I miss you! Many hugs through this message!!!

  4. Angela says:

    Love it! That is so awesome Becs! Will be neat to keep in touch in yet another way and hear more of your beautiful heart! Love ya!

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